رَائِع \ admirable: fit to be admired; very good: an admirable cook; admirable courage. adorable: lovable; delightful: an adorable little cat. excellent: very good; of high quality: excellent food; an excellent cook. extraordinary: very unusual; causing wonder and surprise: For a small boy he has an extraordinary knowledge of science. fantastic: very good, wonderful: How was the party? - fantastic!. glamorous: having glamour: the glamorous lights of a big city. glorious: having great fame and honour: A glorious victory, splendid; beautiful; very fine A glorious mass of golden hair. gorgeous: richly coloured; splendid: a gorgeous sunset. grand: splendid; very fine; a grand view. great: fine; very pleasing: We had a great time in Paris. heavenly: very pleasant; charming: What heavenly music!. impressive: producing a strong (and usu. good) effect on the mind: an impressive result; an impressive speaker. incredible: wonderful; very good: She had an incredible flat. magnificent: very fine; splendid; grand: a magnificent ceremony. marvellous: wonderful; surprising. picturesque: (of a scene or description; not of a person) beautiful in a simple and charming way: a picturesque village of old houses beside a stream. remarkable: surprising; unusual and worth noticing: a remarkable change. smashing: splendid. spectacular: making a splendid or exciting show: The king was crowned in a spectacular ceremony. splendid: very good: a splendid idea. superb: splendid; grand; very fine: a superb performance; a superb hotel. terrific: very fine: That was a terrific film. wonderful: causing wonder; very fine: a wonderful improvement; a wonderful holiday. \ See Also مُثير الإعجاب، فاتن (فاتِن)، ممتاز (ممتاز)، مدهش (مُدْهِش)، خلاب (خلاّب)، زاهي الألوان، مجيد (مجيد)، مؤثر (مؤثِّر)، عظيم (عظيم)‏

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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